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How To Make Sure You Never Buy Batteries Again

OK, maybe that title is guilty of a little clickbait, but we’ve seen worse!

Reconditioning batteries means that you can use them over and over, unlike the traditional philosophy of use them until they’re dead then throw them into the trash.

You’ll often hear about these tricks being used as a ‘simple trick’ or a ‘secret technique’, but the fact is that once you know what you’re doing, you’ll know that the same approach can be used over and over, almost entirely independently of the type of battery in question.

For example, people have used Tom Ericson’s EZ Battery Reconditioning method in all sorts of applications, including the less common places you might expect to use your own knowledge to extend battery life, such as laptop computers and even vehicles! As you can see on those pages, it can be as much about knowing what you’re doing to get the most out of a given battery, such as better configuring software or jump starting a car, as it is about knowing how to carry out simple reconditioning solutions.

Tom’s guide is a one of purchase, whereas batteries are very much disposable and consumable items. You could easily find yourself and your family buying hundreds of batteries every year – well no more when you find out Tom’s so called secrets! Of course, they’re not secret at all – they’re available to anyone that’s happy to buy a simple and affordable book, safe in the knowledge that it will allow them to save far more on their battery purchases in future.

In fact, some people even take this information further and aim to go completely off grid – tapping into all sorts of clever power sources to live a greener, more sustainable life, without dreading the next utility bills.

If saving money, becoming less dependent on the power companies and being more environmentally considerate appeal to you, why not take a look at what Tom’s got to say?

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